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Classy Chic's Online Vendor Fair

Tuesday, May 15, 2007, at 11:00 p.m. EST

Want to Win a $30 Gift Cert? $20? Free Advertising? It's easy ... and fun!

Online Vendor Fair – WAHM 2 WAHM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at 11:00 p.m. EST

Suzanne Franco http://www.wahm-2-wahm.com

Chat Room http://www.classybusinesswomen.com/chat.html

Schedule http://www.classybusinesswomen.com/schedule.html




Hi … My name is Suzanne Franco and I'm going to be hosting a 30 minute session during the Classy Chic's Online Vendor Fair tonight at 11:00 p.m. EST.

Because I know you won't all be able to make it I wanted to extend an invitation to you to participate in my scavenger hunt and earn the chance to win some fabulous prizes (listed below).

I have recently launched a great resource and promotion site for WAHMs – and “Wanna-Be” WAHMs and it's online at http://www.wahm-2-wahm.com .

I'd like to introduce my site to you by sending you on a scavenger hunt (of sorts)! ;) It's a short (easy) list of items (answers to questions) that can be found on various pages of my site.

Once you have found each answer please email your list of answers to me at suzanne@wahm-2-wahm.com .

You will earn drawing tickets for your participation and you can see the details on how to earn tickets, as well as, the prizes up for grab below.

I love networking with other WAHMs and I would love to “meet” each of you and hear about you and your business.

As you make your way through my website please let me know if you have any feedback … praise and/or suggestions … as both are welcome (and very valuable to me).

The idea of this game/scavenger hunt is to introduce you to my website. It is not a graded test nor will you “loose” for an incorrect answer. It is simply suppose to be a fun way to showcase some different pages on my site. Just smile and have fun with it and good luck in the drawing! ;) *SmiLes* Suzanne

How to earn drawing tickets:

(1) ticket for attending one of my online sessions (Monday, May 14, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. EST or Tuesday, May 15 th at 11:00 p.m. EST) (I will give out a code word at during each session)

(1) ticket for emailing your scavenger questions to me

(3) tickets for taking me up on my free trial offer


(1) $30 Gift Certificate to Vendor of your choice

(1) $20 Gift Certificate to Vendor of your choice

(3) 3 Months FREE consultant profile/advertising on WAHM 2 WAHM site


What to Do:

Answer all 8 questions on the list

If you have any questions about the game (or my site) please ask! If you are on the chat – ask me for help there … and if not, please email me and I'll be happy to help you out.

Email answers (and any questions you have) to me at suzanne@wahm-2-wahm.com


1. How long is our FREE trial offer? http://www.wahm-2-wahm.com

2. How much do we charge after your trial offer? http://www.wahm-2-wahm.com

3. How many different search parameters are there for finding a consultant on our page? (Hint: does not have to be exact or does not include combinations of searchable parameters) http://www.wahm-2-wahm.com/search.html

4. How many “Get Paid To” site links are on our site? (Hint: They are all on the same page) http://www.wahm-2-wahm.com/get-paid-to.htm

5. Find a consultant who sells Lia Sophia Jewelry http://www.wahm-2-wahm.com/search.html

6. Are there any consultants on our site who represent your company? http://www.wahm-2-wahm.com/search.html


  1. A “Sample” page
  2. Yes – How many _____
  3. I'm in direct sales but my company is not listed
  4. I am not in direct sales
  5. None

7. What are my children's names? http://www.wahm-2-wahm.com then click on “About Us”

8. Your name, company name, and email address

Send me an email with the following ( suzanne@wahm-2-wahm.com )


  1. Code word (I'll give it out on the chat)
  2. Provide your answers to the questions
  3. If you took me up on the free trial offer, please provide me with the email address you used at sign up and your company name.


Prize Gift Certificates offered from the Vendors on this schedule http://www.classybusinesswomen.com/schedule.html :

There is a small chance that your first choice will not be available for a Gift Certificate and we will take your second choice.

The Free Trial prize for our site is geared towards direct sales/party plan companies. If you have a business that is not a direct sales/party plan company I'm certain we can come up with a unique way to promote and advertise your business on my site.

No cash value will be substituted for any prizes.

Also to note:

I will use your personal information for my drawing only! I will not sell, rent or otherwise share your information with anyone! You have my PROMISE!

Suzanne Franco

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