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Are You Ready to be a Successful WAHM?

Our mission here at WAHM 2 WAHM is “To help as many women as possible live their dream of working from home as a successful WAHM.” And we're gonna do just that … one WAHM at a time … Let's start with YOU !

WAHMs - Build Your Team ... Make More Money!

Are you ready to grow your team and make some real money as a WAHM? At WAHM 2 WAHM we know that the secret to growing your paycheck exponentially is to recruit other women into your downline and help them succeed at running their own business. I'm sure you'll agree that recruiting others into your downline is just as important, if not MORE important, than your own personal sales. We're here to help you grow your team!

Do you realize there are millions of women out there who want to work from home but they just don't know where to start? Well, that's where we come in. We are experts in internet marketing, search engine positioning, and web development – and we want to help drive these prospective WAHMs to your profile! We will use our expertise and proven strategies to not only market and promote our site, but to promote your personal profile ! Your page will be search engine optimized specifically to your company, products, city and state. Imagine what it would be like to see your profile in the top 10 search results! We cannot guarantee specific results but we have developed a plan to give our consultants the best positioning possible.

Free WAHM Ads

  • FREE Personalized Profile Page
  • Build your team and make more money!
  • Recruiting will grow your paycheck exponentially
  • Let us focus on marketing so you can focus on recruiting and training your team
  • Try out our search engine optimized profile page and let's get you noticed on our site and in the major search engines

We're Rewarding Our Founding Consultants - Don't Miss Out!

Did you miss out on the chance to be a Founding Consultant with your current company? Well … here's your chance to benefit from a ground floor opportunity with us!

As a “start up” we understand what it will take to see the full potential of the WAHM 2 WAHM site and we have all of the vital teams in place to ensure that success:

  • Design team
  • Programmers
  • Search engine experts
  • Marketing budget and marketing plan
  • Business Analyst
  • Customer Service

And we've come up with some exciting ways to reward you for being with us from the beginning. From special recognition and discounts to an exclusive newsletter and more …

During the planning and development phase we consulted with a business advisor and the most debated topic that came up was how much to charge consultants for posting a profile on our site. The results took into account our website design and development, database management, ease of search capabilities for our visitors, our own search engine positioning, our marketing plan and budget, and our commitment to excellence. The analysis report we received suggested that we charge $24.95 per month for our fully optimized, customizable consultant profiles.

Well, my advisor thinks I'm crazy because I've decided to give it away for FREE! That's right FREE! No scam, no gimmick, no strings attached … I'd like you to go ahead and post your profile for FREE for a month and then you can decide if you'd like to become a paying subscriber to our site.

Since I believe in making it affordable so as many women as possible can benefit from our site I've also lowered his suggested price to only $9.99 per month! But, because we appreciate you being here with us from the beginning we are going to temporarily offer our Founding Consultants a monthly rate of ONLY $2.49 per month. No contract … no obligation. So – FREE for a month and then only $2.49 per month thereafter.

  • FREE for a month – no strings … no obligation!
  • Founding Consultant title, discounts, and special offers
  • Only $2.49 per month after your FREE trial period
  • A 90% discount off of the suggested retail price
  • No contract

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WAHM Resources

Let us filter through the plethora of WAHM sites so that you only spend your valuable time on the best and most appropriate ones. Share your WAHM site or others you value with us, and we will list the best on our resources page. Check out our WAHM Resource Page and find:

  • WAHM Websites
  • WAHM Articles and Information
  • WAHM Forums
  • Books, Tapes, and CD's
  • Business/Sales Aids and Tools

Let Us Succeed Together

We at WAHM 2 WAHM believe that the workforce is changing to represent the power and skills of women and mothers. We believe that mothers can use their creativity to both provide for and be there for their children. We believe that those who embrace this change will benefit positively from the experience, wisdom and skills that a WAHM has to offer. We believe that WAHM 2 WAHM is on the cusp of bringing community, cooperation and empowerment to the moms of the world.

As founder of this WAHM network I base my vision on Zig Ziglar's famous quote that, “If you help as many people get what they want…you will get what you want.” The world of WAHMs is growing rapidly. This is such an exciting time to be both a woman and a mother. I hope that WAHM 2 WAHM will provide you with the motivation, tools and mentors you need to succeed. Welcome to our team!

To Your Success,

Suzanne Franco

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