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Check Out Our WAHM Forum Review Page!

Meet Shelly Hill, our new WAHM Forum Review Editor here at WAHM 2 WAHM! We believe networking with other WAHMs on forums and message boards is an important aspect of your WAHM business. It is very time consuming to find, visit, register and frequent all of the many WAHM forums out there so we've put together this page to save you a lot of time and energy. We have searched the internet for the most useful WAHM forums we could find and we've added them here on our WAHM Forum Review Page. If you have a WAHM forum or know of one that you feel would benefit other WAHMs please contact us and let us know.


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WAHM Forum Reviews ~ By Shelly Hill:

Board: http://www.mymommybizboards.com/index.php
My Mommy Biz

Shelly's Review : This forum board does get a lot of traffic so it is a busy board. I personally try to visit the board every day during the week. The forum has a biz opportunity board, general biz boards, chit chat boards, individual state location boards and also company specific boards. This community has been established for several years. I give this forum 7 out of 10 stars.


Board: http://www.wahmforums.com/boards /
Wahm Zone

Shelly's Review : This forum is a nice, calm and laid back forum. There are general chat threads, a fun game thread, business topic threads, hobby & craft threads etc. You can post your biz oppty ads, product ads, online party ads and so forth. You will find that the moderators keep on top of the spam here and its quickly deleted when it occurs. This is a forum I visit several times a week. I give this forum 7 out of 10 stars.


Board: http://www.wahm.com/forum/default.asp

Shelly's Review : This is one of the most popular wahm forums on the web! I like this forum but it is extremely busy with all kinds of consultants and wahm's...sometimes personalities clash on it but it is a nice board to visit daily. The forum moderators do a very nice job keeping the spam under control and moderating the posts. Great forum for anyone who works from home. I give this forum 9 out of 10 stars.


Board: http://forums.momtomomchat.com /
Mom To Mom Chat

Shelly's Review : This is a nice board especially if you are a mom of little ones. They have a LOT of topics regarding parenting but they also have some business boards which I like to post on. I give this forum 6 out of 10 stars only because I am not a mom of little ones so I don't participate in those type of topics...but the biz forums are okay to visit for my needs.


Classy Chic 'N Elite Business Women


Board: http://mompack.com/boards/index.php ?

Shelly's Review : This is a forum board mainly for those wishing to exchange business fillers and ad packs. You can request fillers or offer your fillers to others in an organized way. There is also a business section where you can post your biz oppty info, product specials or online party announcements. I give this forum 5 out of 10 stars because its specifically a niche forum.


Board: http://www.theconsultantscorner.com/boards /
The Consultant Corner

Shelly's Review : This forum has general biz topic, company specific topics etc type of forums. A majority of all home party plan or DS businesses have a board specific thread. The forum gets a lot of traffic from various home party plan & direct sales consultants. I give this forum a 6 out of 10 stars rating. Why? I think it could be set up to be easier to navigate.


Board: http://www.homepartyplannetwork.com/boards/index.php
Home Party Plan Network

Shelly's Review : This is a forum I have been going to for several years and it is ONE of my favorites. I rank it in my top 10. This forum is really geared to those in Home Party Plans and Direct Sales. I like its low-key NO fuss laid back attitude. I give this forum 8 out of 10 stars!


Board: http://p081.ezboard.com/bamomslove
A Mom's Love

Shelly's Review : This is a low traffic forum board but easy to use. I only visit it once a week and usually only to place an AD. This is a small forum geared towards moms. I give it 4 out of 10 stars.


Board: http://www.cwahm.com/messageboard/index.php?sid=3f06d71e9babddef3add2d737b1a3cc0
Christian Wahm

Shelly's Review : This is a forum for Christian work at home moms or women. You do not have to be a mom to be a member...which I like :) They keep the spam under control too. It's easy to use and navigate. There are Christian topics, parenting topics, business topics and general topics. Its a HIGH traffic board so it does get busy there! I give it 8 out of 10 stars! Really nice and friendly members!


Shelly's Handmade Natural Beauty Webstore


Board: http://www.ewahm.net/message_board

Shelly's Review : The only thing I recommend this board for is to spam an AD on. So if you are looking to SPAM an AD....then do it here. I give it 1 out of 10 stars.


Board: http://dsmads.com/community/index.php
Direct Sales Moms and for those who are in Direct Sales

Shelly's Review : Great board for those who are in Direct Sales or home party plan businesses. The activeness of this board varies from time to time. There are a variety of business topics, some craft topics, home party plan tips & topics etc. I give it 6 out of 10 stars.


Board: http://messageboards.ivillage.com/iv-wfhomeopps/?redirCnt=1

iVillage Home Business Opportunities Forum

Shelly's Review : This forum board is a high traffic FREE for you to post your AD's onto! iVillage has a variety of forums but this link will take you directly to the forum where you will place a business ad. There is really nothing to rate here since its used for Advertising Only.


Board: http://momsnetwork.com/boards /
Moms Network

Shelly's Review : A very nice well mannered and laid out forum with a lot of topics regarding parenting, home life, business, hobbies etc. Members are really friendly too which is also a plus in my book! There are also some great business threads etc and its a pretty active forum. Rating: I give it 7.5 stars out of 10


Board: http://successfulmom.proboards21.com/index.cgi ?
Successful Mom

Shelly's Review : This forum has a few home party plan company specific threads, a announce your online party thread, advertising business opportunity thread etc. Small low-key work at home mom forums.
Rating: I give it 6 out of 10 stars 


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