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Want Free Advertising for Your WAHM Business?
We Can Help!

Become a Founding Advertising Consultant
We will be launching our WAHM-2-WAHM site some time during the 1 st quarter of 2007. We would like to thank you for becoming one of the first consultants to join our site by giving you a month of free advertising and a discounted rate thereafter if you decide to continue advertising with us.

There is no obligation after your free trial and this is not a scam. We are a start-up looking to build value before we start charging full price for our service. After the free month trial, we will only charge our Founding Advertising Consultants $2.49/month to advertise with us!

Contact us today because we will only make this offer to the first 10 consultants from each party plan company, direct sales company, and network marketing company. Please check our list at the bottom of this page to make sure we have not already found 10 Founding Advertising Consultants from your company. Also, if you do not see your company, please email us so we can add your company to our list.

What is WAHM 2 WAHM?
Our mission at WAHM-2-WAHM is crystal clear … “To help as many women as possible live their dream of working from home as a successful WAHM (work at home mom).” Whether you need to contribute a part-time income to your family, you're looking to earn some “play money,” or you're a single mom who strives to make a full-time income from home … we are here to support you in any way we can.

Our Exclusive Searchable Database Means New Consultants for You!
You are going to love our exclusive free searchable database that will allow prospects to use different search parameters to find the perfect opportunity for them. Image having prospects contact you after they find you through our database. They will be able to search by city, state, company name, and key words . For example, they might share your passion for wine, but not even know there is a way to make money doing what they love – teaching others about wine through fun wine tastings!

Your Own Profile Page Will Make You Shine!
You will build your own profile page where you will answer some questions about your company and then you can tell prospects all about yourself and why you'd like to help lead them to success. With over 200 party plans, direct sales and network marketing companies out there today … it has become quite a task for those looking for a company to represent, not to mention finding the consultant who they feel will best help them with their new WAHM business. Tell them why you'd be a perfect match!

So ... What's the Catch?
There's no catch – I promise! We do use a monthly recurring software that requires a credit card to start your free trial. You will have access to this information and complete control of your account – which means you can cancel at any time – even before you are ever billed. We don't want any paying customers who don't feel we've earned their business! But then again, how much is a new consultant worth to you? Surely more than $1.50! Just follow these easy steps:


  1. Find your company on the list below.
  2. If your company name is in PINK it is still available.
  3. Please send us an email with your name, email address and the company you represent.
  4. If your company name is in BLACK we already have 5 consultants from your company. Please feel free to go ahead and email us and we will keep you on our back-up list.


Thanks for joining us at WAHM-2-WAHM and we'll contact you soon regarding our Grand Opening!

To Your Success,

Suzanne Franco

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