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Work At Home Mom Opportunity
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Why Are You Looking
For a (Work-At-Home-Mom) WAHM Opportunity?

Top 3 Reasons You Should Seek a WAHM Opportunity:

  1. Be Your Own Boss: Let's face it Mom, you are already in charge of everyone else in your life. Now it's time to return some balance to your life by being in charge of your own. Having a WAHM opportunity can give you the flexibility to care for sick children, be a SAHM, or just be present in those critical after school hours.
  2. Money Impacts the Important Things in Life: Whether you need to supplement your husband's income, or are the sole provider of your family, you know that your family's health, education and time are impacted by money. The right WAHM opportunity will allow you to positively affect those important things without trading all your precious time for cash.
  3. Find Your Passion: There are thousands of women currently in a WAHM opportunity who love what they do and are looking for others to mentor. Your WAHM opportunity should challenge, stimulate and enrich your life.

Become a Part of the Good Ol' Mom's Network with a WAHM Opportunity
Forget the Good Ol' Boys, women are a permanent part of the job market and wise employers realize that the traditional 9-5 needs an overhaul. Consultant jobs support a mother's lifestyle and family needs. At WAHM-2-WAHM we are building a supportive network of women who use their talents, energy and motivation to create powerful businesses and a great WAHM opportunity for you!

Your Free Toolkit for Finding a Perfect WAHM Opportunity
We often hear frustrated women spouting myths like, “Only the luckiest women stumble upon a WAHM opportunity,” or “It's really easy to get pulled into a work-at-home scam.” The truth is that ignorance is risk. Our task at WAHM-2-WAHM is to provide much of the research and information to need to eliminate as much risk as possible. The mission at WAHM-2-WAHM is “ To help as many women as possible live their dream of working from home as a successful WAHM.” So your success is our success. To that end we provide you with the most efficient and innovative job search tools in the WAHM industry. 

The Job Search Database: The Key to Finding a WAHM Opportunity
Frustration in the search for a WAHM opportunity often results when a mom feels desperate and jumps into the first jobs she finds, even if a nagging voice in her head is saying, “Don't do it!” WAHM-2-WAHM requires all of our consultants to provide information that will answer your critical questions like:

  • How much does it cost to become a consultant?
  • What do you get with your starter kit?
  • What is the commission structure?
  • Do you have local meetings/trainings?
  • Does your company offer a website?

Our goal is to save you time and provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Search by Interest or Location
Part of finding a successful WAHM opportunity is to narrow the options. The WAHM-2-WAHM database has been designed to allow you to search for your dream job by location, company or interest.

Whether you are a wine lover or a chef at heart there is both a WAHM opportunity and someone willing to mentor you in that passion. As women rapidly gain power in the workplace we are seeing a growing recognition that the skills used in parenting and household management can lead to great success in other careers. You may be drawn to a WAHM opportunity by necessity, ambition or logistics. Whatever the case, the skills you use on a daily basis are the same skills that will lead you towards success in this new WAHM opportunity.

Suggestions for Finding a Great WAHM Opportunity

Here are a few pointers from moms who have made a success from their WAHM opportunity.

  1. Be True to Who You Are! Be willing to stretch beyond the limits of your comfort zone for a WAHM opportunity, but don't do anything that compromises your core beliefs. Listen to your own voice.
  2. The Only Bad Decision is No Decision: Don't let fear stop you from trying a WAHM Opportunity! Nothing is forever, and you are more likely to regret the chances you didn't take than the ones you did.
  3. See Every Mistake as a Learning Opportunity: You wouldn't be who are today if not for the mistakes you made in the past. Let your children see you as an example of someone who lives life to the fullest and embraces, rather than shrinks from, her mistakes.
  4. Commit Time to Your Job: If you have a partner let them know up front what help you will need from them to be successful in this WAHM Opportunity. If you are on your own then set yourself up for success by taking proper care of yourself.

Those of us who are already consultants in a WAHM opportunity are passionate about the benefits that this lifestyle offers to our selves and our families. By helping you to find a WAHM opportunity that will enhance your life, we come closer to achieving our mission every day. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey!


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