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The Site Dedicated to Helping You Live Your Dream of
Being a
Successful Work at Home Mom!

Hi Fellow WAHMs (and Wanna-be WAHMs),

My name is Suzanne Franco and I want to welcome you to WAHM 2 WAHM – the site dedicated to you as a work at home mom. We are here to help all women and moms successfully work from home. Whether that means getting out of the house for a few hours a week to be a “woman” instead of a “mom” or that means earning a full-time income … either way … we're here to help.

I'm a Fellow Work at Home Mom

I am a fellow WAHM (work at home mom) to three wonderful kids – Austin 11, Nathan 9, and Emily 8. I LOVE being here for my kids whenever they need me and I decided years ago I that I would do whatever it takes to keep my work at home mom status. The thought of going back to work at a J.O.B. is dreadful and I'm sure you feel the same way. That's why we are so committed to helping as many women as possible live their dream of being a successful work at home mom. Have you made that commitment too? Well, it's rewarding and challenging and that's what WAHM 2 WAHM is here for … to help in any way we can.

My Dream Since 2001

WAHM 2 WAHM has been a dream of mine since 2001 and it's such a blessing to see it come alive. This idea started after a friend invited me to a Southern Living at Home party and I was so impressed … I joined the consultant's team. The company was so new (six months) they didn't even offer consultant websites so that left those of us with some web knowledge scrambling to make our own websites. The truth is, if I'd known then what I know now about the internet, internet marketing and search engine positioning … I'd be a millionaire! Think I'm kidding? I'm NOT! Those women who knew (or knew someone who knew) how to market effectively on the internet went on to build the largest teams in the company and have earned over 7 figures since then.

What's a WAHM?

Well, that was my introduction to the term WAHM - work at home mom. Pretty much a household name now right ladies? I spent countless hours on the internet looking at the way other women promoted themselves on the internet as work at home moms and tried to unlock the secrets to success.

WAHM.com was the best place to hang out to meet other work at home moms and to share our ideas and struggles. That's when I first started to realize just how many women there were out there who wanted to work from home but didn't know how or where to start. There were so many of us out there telling them that our company was the greatest and we were here to help them … but how would they ever decide?

The Idea - A Work at Home Mom Directory

I got the idea to put together a directory of all of the companies I could find and ask each consultant the same questions so that the prospects reading it could compare all of the companies apples-to-apples. But how would I produce so much information? How would I market it? It would take up too much time to do for free in hopes of recruiting women into my downline from it …

Well, the ideas were always racing through my head and I constantly put them down on paper. I have notebook after notebook dedicated to the idea. It took some pretty major life changes to put the idea into motion.

Our House Fire Changed Everything!

Well, fast-forward to October 23, 2005. I had since left Southern Living at Home, went through a divorce and was doing OK as a single mom. I had taken a position listing cars on eBay Motors for car dealerships and I still considered myself a work at home mom. But, my schedule was at the mercy of my customers and I had to put my kids in after school daycare. One day I went to pick up my kids at daycare and I found my daughter crying. She had been kicked in the shin by a boy who was twice her size and there she was … all alone crying. I wanted to quit my job right then and there … but I couldn't! About a month later, on October 23, 2005 we had a devastating house fire. Our home and our belongings were considered a total loss. Even though we had insurance it left our lives turned upside down and in total chaos. From time to time I would get a call from the school that one of my kids was having a difficult day … could I come get them. I would be in the middle of an appointment and have to leave. Nothing comes before my children's well-being - I'M THEIR MOTHER!!!

Well, I knew it was just a matter of time before I quit or got fired. After I finally got some insurance money I could at least breathe again financially … but what was my game plan? I went back to the internet to look for a business I could run from my home and have up and running before my money was gone.

A New Online Business - New Knowledge!

I found an online business for sale and I bought it. It's an online daily job source newsletter for professional freelance writers. I love the fact that I get to help others live their dream of working from home … but I'm not a writer! My passion is to help other WAHMs. But, I've spent the past couple of years studying and learning everything I can about websites, internet marketing, and search engine optimization and it's really paid off.

Meanwhile, I have put all of my extra energy into building my dream of my WAHM business … and it's so exciting to see it come to life.

Searching For a Company to Represent is Exhausting!

Prior to purchasing the writer's business, I actually looked at several party plans. It was fun looking but there were so many to choose from … it was overwhelming! Every day that I searched I found more companies I'd never heard of and it took a lot of research just to find out what each one was about. What were their products? What could you earn? What kind of support did they offer? I spent hours and hours doing the research and it was exhausting. I guess I lost interest. We don't want that to happed to your prospects!

3 Types of Prosepects We Will Drive to Your Profile

I feel there are a few different ways women are going to join a direct sales/party plan company and I was a perfect example of that. There are the women who will attend a party or purchase your product and decide they want to do what you do (like I did with Southern Living at Home). There are those who know they want to join this type of company and are going to start searching for the perfect match for them. And then there are those who want to start their own company and after finding out how much time and money they need to get started will turn to an existing company where they are still self-employed but don't have the hassles of getting it started on their own.

We want to support your business and drive women from all three of these categories to your personal profile page. We have the tools in place to help you succeed and all you have to do is give us a try!

What Can We Do To Help?

If there is anything we can do for you or your business please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help as many women live their dream of being a successful work at home mom as possible … and that means YOU!

To Your Success,

Suzanne Franco

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